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OUR MISSION - Journey From Seeds to Saplings


The hectic busy schedule of the present-day students made us feel that they get desperately fatigued every day after attending their back to back scheduled tuition classes. Moreover, we realized that they generally have to waste two to three hours’ time per day due to travelling only to attend their tuition classes. Such wastage of precious hours is too crucial for them to afford. Another important aspect is that in any case, if the student misses the class he/she won’t get the opportunity to listen to the discussion ever. Keeping these conditions in mind we set up the online platform, named ENABLE E-LEARN, to cater utmost service to the students at their convenience for their desired success in academics.

Studying can either be boring or challenging, Turn your study notes into doodles

Recent studies show that students of this generation unlike the previous generations hardly like to read a lot of study materials and mug them up to score good at examinations. They like to cope up their respective studies more or less in a fun loving way. Due to their high aspiration and commitment for so called competitive exams, most of the students don’t get enough time to read the prescribed chapters thoroughly, thus resulting to poor performance in board exams. 

They even can’t recollect the valuable discussions made by their teachers in the crucial time of their approaching exams. Dark clouds of doubts hover over their dream of success. They feel low and needless to say that it leads them to dungeon of anxiety and frustration.

Keeping all these constraints in consideration ENABLE E-LEARN designed their online course audio friendly. Students of CBSE CLASS IX, CBSE CLASS X, CBSE CLASS XI and CBSE CLASS XII will get all their prescribed ENGLISH chapters of NCERT books in audio book format. Therefore they will get important and detailed discussions on every chapter in audio format.

We hope this will help them enormously to save time and offer them relief from reading fatigue. Whenever they feel at ease whether in dinner table or in toilet (24×7) they are able to listen to these audios and update their preparations.

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Online learning is rapidly becoming one of the most cost-effective ways to educate the world’s rapidly expanding workforce


In COMPREHENSIVE COURSE, Enable e-learn focuses on the fundamental requirements of students in every possible methods to cope up their syllabus in an affordable price.


INTRODUCTION Number1 is governed by the planet Sun. The Sun symbolizes beginning of a new day, creation, vigour, vitality, originality and brilliance. …


The phrase ‘Banana Republic’ was coined by one of the greatest American writers William Sydney Porter, popularly known as O. Henry in …

Magazine for the students by the students

Class IX Class X Class XI Class XII Class IX SECTION A Read the passage below and answer the questions : So …

THREE DAYS FROM NOW Souparno Banerjee1 The dormitory clearly proved to be considerably empty .The feelings got worst at night times. Still, …


HOME TOWN Kanchan Bhattacharjee ‘I don’t have any privacy here. Nothing I can say ‘my own’. Always I’ve to seek permission to …


CRISS-CROSS Souparno Banerjee The traffic was terrible, As I went to the hospital.To see Janice; an old friend. As I sat in …


Reading more and more books store the energy that fuels the imagination. They open up windows to the world and inspire us to explore and achieve, and contribute to improving our quality of life.